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May 23, 2006 at 6:16 pm (Uncategorized)

screw this….I am SO SICK of these minimum wage crappy jobs that I feel like I will die….I have beeen going to school for graphic design for awhile now and I am having a hard time getting a job….maybe its because I blew everything off this semester when I fell in love and got married…I got some ugly grades I am sure….NO THATS not it…(although that is kinda scary too) I have been sruggling with this before I met my girl……but now I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to do this…I HAVE to make some money….I am really good at graphic design…I do websites hand coded/flash/dreamweaver, whatever…and i do posters, album covers, logo's, ANY kind of print work….I have sort of a pop art style…..I love the sixties, andy warhol stufff…..ANYWAYS I will post some of my work but if any of you out there can help me find a paying job……

I am mac/pc proficient but LOVE mac's, I mastered illustrator, photoshop, fireworks, flash, final cut, motion, am excellent with dreamweaver and am learning to hand write xml and javascript as well ass a few other languages….I also know quark and a few audio programs as well as microsoft office…

my certificates are

pro tools 101

microsoft office marketable skills certificate

here is some of my work…


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  1. shanikawooten47990 said,

    How did you feel when you were up in that plane, shooting that footage? Was it scary? Was it exhilerating? What kind of experience did that leave you with? Going off of what Shawna said, my mom had the same thing happen. My grandpa was on the school board at North Linn, and my mom and aunt felt a lot of pressure to make sure that they were doing everything that they needed to do. My grandpa was a huge figure in that community, so they were always being watched. Come on

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