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May 23, 2006 at 6:16 pm (Uncategorized)

screw this….I am SO SICK of these minimum wage crappy jobs that I feel like I will die….I have beeen going to school for graphic design for awhile now and I am having a hard time getting a job….maybe its because I blew everything off this semester when I fell in love and got married…I got some ugly grades I am sure….NO THATS not it…(although that is kinda scary too) I have been sruggling with this before I met my girl……but now I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to do this…I HAVE to make some money….I am really good at graphic design…I do websites hand coded/flash/dreamweaver, whatever…and i do posters, album covers, logo's, ANY kind of print work….I have sort of a pop art style…..I love the sixties, andy warhol stufff…..ANYWAYS I will post some of my work but if any of you out there can help me find a paying job……

I am mac/pc proficient but LOVE mac's, I mastered illustrator, photoshop, fireworks, flash, final cut, motion, am excellent with dreamweaver and am learning to hand write xml and javascript as well ass a few other languages….I also know quark and a few audio programs as well as microsoft office…

my certificates are

pro tools 101

microsoft office marketable skills certificate

here is some of my work…


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